The Four Aces

One of the fundamental systems we use in Kids At Hope is the 4 Aces. It’s a way to gauge what needs are filled in the life of each child. Through conversations with the children, their perspective helps us validate and document that each child has connection to caring adults in a meaningful and sustainable way.



The Ace of Hearts

Is a parent or guardian (someone responsible for the child’s upbringing) that intentionally spends time with a child, building a connection with them.
They represent unconditional love to the child but take it to the next level by being deliberately involved in the child’s life.


The Ace of Clubs

Is the adult that has known your child for at least eight weeks, believes in them, and encourages them. This person can identify at least three talents or skills, and lets the child know their strengths are recognized. The child feels comfortable asking this adult for assistance.

The Ace of Spades

Is the person who challenges a child to raise the bar on their achievements. They’ve known the child for at least eight weeks. They bridge the confidence gap by believing in the child until they start believing in themselves. There is a sense that this person is one of the go to adults in their life.


The Ace of Diamonds

Is the adult who gives a child opportunities to succeed. The child feels a sense of accomplishment with this person and flourishes in their classroom, program, or organization.

By talking to a child and having them list who their Aces are, we can track the progress of children compared to how many Aces they have in their lives. Evidence shows that the more Aces a child has, the greater their chances of success. It also solidifies exactly how many positions each child feels are filled in their life. 


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